25 novembre 2013
The shadow of empire and the postcolonial world

A l’initiative conjointe des Programmes scientifiques (Programme Inde/Asie du Sud)et du Collège d’études mondiales de la Fondation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme, nous vous invitons à la conférence de Prof. Christopher Bayly, Université de Cambridge (Conférence en anglais).

This lecture considers the continuing resonance of Western imperial ideologies, structures of power and practices for the extra European world. Much has been written on the economic imbalances which resulted from the policies of colonial governments. This paper considers instead how concepts of race generated by, and within empires continue to affect Western (and extra-European) societies. It goes on to emphasise the pervasive importance of European languages outside Europe and then the impact of colonial rule on religion- its impact in standardising belief and practice in Hinduism, Buddhism and, to a lesser extent Islam, and also in fostering more radical elements within them. It ends by analysing some of the transformed and appropriated colonial themes which influenced post independentgovernments in Asia and Africa.

Le texte complet de la conférence est disponible en pdf (à télécharger ci-dessous).


Lieu : Le France
Localisation : Salle du conseil A | niveau -1
Télécharger: The shadow of empire in the modern world.pdf
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