30 janvier 2015
Mouvements sociaux et modernité globale

From the study of social movements to a better understanding of global challenges

Séminaire « Mouvements sociaux et globalisation », organisé par Geoffrey Pleyers

Invités : Breno Bringel et Geoffrey Pleyers

Présentation du livre Global Modernity and Social Contestation (Sage, 2015), en présence de l'un de ses éditeurs, Breno Bringel, professeur au IESP, Université de Rio, et membre du bureau du RC 47 "Social movements" de l'ISA.

This session will focus on the connections between the idea of global modernity to social contestation. In other words, to link a general view of contemporary social processes – which have been in sociology, in particular, theorized by the concept of modernity – with contemporary social movements, conflicts and mobilizations, which aim at social change. Although at different times some authors and debates tried to relate capitalism, labour movement or post-industrial society and the emergence of new social movements, current interpretations that try to relate modernity and the dynamics of social contestation, at a global level, seem insufficient. 

The book edited by Breno Bringel & Mauricio Domingues fills this gap bringing together contributions from distinguished scholars working in these two fields of studies (sociological theory and modernity, as well as social movement studies and contentious politics) and in the interaction between both the tensions and possibilities of an integrated understanding of global modernity and social contestation. On the other hand, the chapters presented here develop a badly needed effort to frame sociology as a global dialogue, rather than leaving it within pre-defined national and regional traditions.

"A new generation of truly global sociology, grappling with the contemporary world through the lenses of critique, contestation, and social movements. A significant contribution."
- Göran Therborn, University of Cambridge

"This is a truly global and politically challenging book, bringing together top level researchers and sharply tackling its themes. People from every corner of the planet and from all walks in the social sciences will surely profit from reading it."
- Carolina Mera, University of Buenos Aires

Breno Bringel & Mauricio Domingues eds., Global Modernity and Social Contestation, Sage, January 2015,
La présentation du libre aura lieu en anglais.


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