du 26 au 27 novembre 2015
Basic Rights, Relational Ethics and Financial Constraints

Rencontre scientifique internationale (en langue anglaise)

This international colloquium will explore, from a philosophical perspective, the various ways in which basic rights, interpersonal, professional and institutional relations, and financial constraints interact. Given the gap between the generality of basic ethical principles and the norms of practice in various areas of social life, there is usually no direct or obvious way from principles to detailed and effective regulation.

Thus, important questions regarding the implementation and interpretation of rights make it inevitable to engage with practical issues of interpersonal and institutional ethics. In this respect, financial constraints bring in an additional degree of complexity. Indeed, financial constraints are often suspected of being responsible for ethically inadequate relationships in professional and institutional contexts

For example, medical ethics is often very uncomfortable dealing with financial constraints, which potentially endanger the ethical and professional requirements of care provision. We would like to highlight the nature and ethical relevance of conflicts of this kind. In addition, our ambition is also to explore the levels of decision-making and aspects of organizations that are impacted by financial constraints. These constraints often consist in budgetary maxima, but often assume more complex forms: difficulties in the access to credit are an important case, administrative difficulties and justification requirements are also important potential troublemakers in the relationships between money and ethically respectable practice.


Jeudi 26 novembre

10h30 Patrick Turmel (université Laval, Québec) : Introductory remarks

10h45  Emmanuel Picavet (université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne) : The financial side of hard compromise.

11h30 Vida Panitch (Carleton University, Canada) : Commodification and Inequality

12h15 Déjeuner / Lunch

14h00 Douglas Mackay (University of Chapel Hill, USA) : Fulfilling Basic Rights in Conditions of Scarcity: The Ethics of Public Policy Randomized Controlled Trials

14h45 Pierre-Yves Néron (Université Catholique de Lille) : Relational Equality and Economic Institutions

15h30 Break

16h00 Michael Kessler (University of Toronto, Canada) : Childhood, Impaired Consent, and Criminal Justice

16h45 Rosana Triviño ( (Universidade da Coruña, Spain) : Consciences in Crisis: Healthcare providers’ objection to cutouts & rights restrictions

Vendredi 27 novembre

14h00 Constanze Binder (Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands) : Regulating Free Markets to Promote Freedom

14h45 Chad Horne (Centre for Moral and Political Philosophy, Hebrew University of Jerusalem) : Insurance and Equality Revisited

16h00 Louis-Philippe Hodgson (York University, Canada) :  Relational Rights and Political Institutions


Lieu : Le France
Localisation : Salle Conseil A (jeudi 26) & Salle du RDC Maison internationale (vendredi 27) 58 boulevard Arago 75013 Paris
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