03 mars 2017
Undoing the Epistemic Disavowal of the Haitian Revolution: A Contribution to Global Social Thought

Conférence de Gurminder K Bhambra, animée par Geoffrey Pleyers


The Haitian Revolution is not only one of the most important foundational moments in the emergence of the modern world,but also one of the most neglected within the social scientific literature.

Gurminder Bhambra shows what can be learnt, both from its omission from accounts of events claimed to be of ‘world historical significance', and from how social theory would need to be re-thought once we took such events seriously. 

In this talk, I ask how social thought could be differently conceptualized if we took seriously global historical interconnections. I focus, in particular, on the instance of the Haitian revolution and what can be learnt, both from its omission from accounts of events claimed to be of ‘world historical’ significance, and from how theory would need to be re-thought once we took other such events seriously. In particular, I want to examine what is at stake in such rethinking – what Santos (2014) has called for in terms of an address of cognitive injustices – and how we might consider alternative formulations through an approach I call ‘connected sociologies’ (Bhambra 2014).

Gurminder K Bhambra est professeur de Sociologie à l'Université de Warwick. Ses recherches se portent principalement sur le domaine de la sociologie historique et sur la théorie sociale contemporaine. Elle s'intéresse également à l'intersection des sciences sociales avec les études post-coloniales. Elle est l'auteur de Connected Sociologies (Bloomsbury, 2014) et Rethinking Modernity: Postcolonialism and the Sociological Imagination (Palgrave, 2007)  qui a gagné le prix Philip Abrams Memorial Prize en 2008 pour le meilleur premier livre dans la sociologie.


Salle du Conseil B | Le France | 190 av. de France | 75013 Paris


3 mars 2017 | 16h-18h


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