21 juin 2016
Increasing Your Reach or Getting the World to Respond? Globalization and Resonance as two key conceptions of Modernity

Séminaire de recherche du Collège d'études mondiale avec Harmut Rosa.

Modernity can be interpreted as an ongoing, cultural as well as structural program that seeks to increase our reach over the world. Thus, for example, science stretches out to peer farther into the universe and at the same time deeper into the micro-structure of matter; through the advance of transport- and communicative technologies we bring distant continents into our horizon of physical and communicative availability, and through economic acceleration we constantly seek to expand our material share of the world tec. This program of expansion of our horizon of availability and accessibility has become a structural necessity of capitalist economies and a culturally motivating factor at the same time. However, there is a second aspiration at the heart of modernity which stand in contrast and tension to this. This aspiration is the idea, and the promise, that we may live in a world that responds to our subjectivities and that answers our yearnings. Modern subjects want to live in a world that touches and moves them and that enables them to experience a particular form of self-efficacy. The talk will explore these two aspirations in their contradictory but entangled mutual relationship.


Lieu : Le France
Localisation : Salle 640

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