28 mai 2015
The role of luxury in contemporary capitalism: concepts and typologies of luxury consumption

With Tania Toffanin

The presentation of the research work on the transformation of luxury and the present relationship between production and consumption of luxury goods and the social differentiation aims to thematise the concept of luxury today.
This notion has been much debated in the past but, then, sporadically investigated by the scientific community, basically for a moral aversion with regard to luxury consumptions and a negative judgement towards new riches and their lifestyles.
The deepening of this theoretical debate will be followed, then, by an attempt of defining luxury goods on the basis of their relationship with the spread and the intensity of their consumption, considered in a long term frame.
Besides, the discussion will also offer feasible research developments in the study of the relationship between luxury and contemporary capitalism.


Lieu : Le France
Localisation : Salle 641

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