06 juin 2014
Embodied Being, Environing World: Local Biologies and Local Ecologies in Global Health

Journée d'études internationale du 6 juin 2014 Embodied Being, Environing World: Local Biologies and Local Ecologies in Global Health, organisée par la Chaire Anthropologie & santé mondiale.

The Interdisciplinary Chair in Anthropology and Global Health in the Collège d’études mondiales and the Fondation Maison des sciences de l’homme seeks submissions for a one-day symposium to be held in Paris, France on June 5 and 6. The event  is intended to spark conversation among scholars who are attempting to bring critical studies of global health into conversation with critical environmental studies and science and technology studies (STS). The goal is to address the increasing entanglement of human biologies with transhuman and nonhuman ecologies: to situate health in what Don Ihde has called “embodied being and environing world.” Through a themed discussion of short, precirculated working papers (rather than  completed articles or chapters), a group of anthropologists, geographers, and STS scholars will discuss the theoretical challenges and opportunities presented by, among other things, the rise of epigenetics, the concept of the microbiome, chemical  and other forms of “exposure,” and the persistence of zoonotic and vector-borne disease. The aim of the symposium is to build upon the body of critical scholarship on global health that has coalesced around the concept of “local biologies,” as originally  conceived by Margaret Lock (Lock 1993; Brotherton and Nguyen 2013).


Vinh-Kim Nguyen
Titulaire de chaire Anthropologie et santé mondiale, Collège d'études mondiales

Alex Nading
Postdoctorant chaire Anthropologie et santé mondiale, Collège d'études mondiales

Nathanaël Cretin
Coordination scientifique, chaire Anthropologie et santé mondiale, Collège d'études mondiales




Thursday, 5 June

Institute for Advanced Studies, Hôtel de Lauzun, 17 Quai d'Anjou, Paris 75004

8.00­‐12.00: participants arrive/check in

12.00­‐13.30: lunch at  Hotel Lauzun/IAS

13.30­‐14.00: Welcoming Remarks
Olivier BouinVinh­‐Kim NguyenAlex Nading

14.00­‐15.15: Session 1: “Formulating Resistance”

Jenna Grant (University of Amsterdam), Emergence and Return: Techniques of Locating Artemisinin Resistant Malaria
Uli Beisel (University of Bayreuth), Resistant Bodies: local biologies of malaria and the question of resistance/immunity

15.15­‐15.45: coffee

15.45­‐17.15: Session 2: “Local, Global, Effective”

Charlotte Brives (Laboratoire Triangle, Lyon), Biomedical packages 
Emily Yates-Doerr (University of Amsterdam), Where is the local and how does it differ between sites?
Alex Nading (Franklin & Marshall College/Collège d’études mondiales/Fondation Maison des sciences de l’homme), Global Health and Its Things: Thoughts on Becoming with Chemicals that  Kill

17.15­‐18.00: General Discussion

19.00: Dinner at Mirama, evening out  in Paris (optional)

Friday, 6 June

Fondation Maison des sciences de l’homme, 190 Avenue de France, Paris 75013

9.30­‐10.45: Session 3: “Citizenship and Connection”

Vincent Duclos (Université de Montréal), A Digital Clinic: Emergent Spaces of Care, in the Era of Global Connectivity
Des Fitzgerald (King’s College London), Living well in the neuropolis—stress, social life, and the biosocial complex of urban citizenship

10.45­‐11.00: coffee

11.00­‐12.15: Session 4: “Epigenetics and Reproductive Politics”

Maurizio Meloni (University of Nottingham/Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton), Who’s afraid of Local Biologies? Some unplanned socio-political implications of epigenetics 
Janelle Lamoreaux (Cambridge University), Environments Outside In: How China’s infertility became embodied and inheritable

12.45­‐14.00: Lunch (La Nouvelle Gare)

14.15­‐15.30: Session 5: “Chemical Spaces and Spatial Chemistries”

Emilia Sanabria (École Normale Supérieur, Lyon), Eating Chemicals in the Obesogenic Environment 
Nick Shapiro (Goldsmiths, University of London), At home in the surreal: Everyday formaldehyde exposure and the chemistry of American domestic space

15.30­‐16.30: Final Discussion


Lieu : Le France
Localisation : Salle Jean Pierre Vernant
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