13 mai 2014
Approches anthropologiques de la France postcoloniale : réflexions préliminaires

Séminaire de recherche du Collège d'études mondiales avec Vinh-Kim Nguyen, titulaire de la chaire Anthropologie et santé mondiale du Collège d'études mondiales

Ce séminaire, initialement prévu le 11 mars, a été reporté au 13 mai.

Contemporary France remains deeply affected by its past as a colonial power. Yet the acknowledgement of this colonial past remains fraught in France, caught up in ambivalence over the colonial past, seared by the pain of the violence of the Algerian war, and social troubles and political upheaval linked to immigration from former colonial territories. This is perhaps one of the main reasons that postcolonial theory itself has lagged in acceptance relative to the United Kingdom. In this talk I will sketch out some of the linkages between scholarship and activism around « postcolonial France » and identify broader issues it might raise around questions of difference, identity and biopower. I will discuss some preliminary reflections with a view to exploring how a critical ethnographic project might be developed that engages some of these issues.


Lieu : Le France
Localisation : salle 1
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