du 26 au 28 septembre 2013
Historical urban space in development. What Should be preserved : memory, image or material substance ?

Colloque organisé à Moscou avec le soutien de la Fondation Maison des sciences de l'homme à travers le programme Russie/CEI. 


26 septembre 2013

I. Authenticity and Integrity of contemporary urban space
Moderator : Marina Dmitrieva, GWZO, Leipzig
Andrey Batalov, Hierarchy of values in urban space-from recognition to oblivion
Natalia Dushkina, Notions of authenticity and integrity in contemporary conservation (an international view of the Russian situation)
Ewa Bérard, The ruse of civil society and the notion of national heritage in pre-revolution
Clementine Cecil, The ongoing battel to save on of Britain's great Victorian landmarks from demolition : Smithfield General Market, in the City of London

II. Development or museification of historical city ?
Moderator : Natalia Dushkina, MARKHI, ICOMOS, Moscow
Christine Mengin, The renovation of historic urban quarters : protection of indigenous population of gentrification ?
Juri Grigoryan, Old and new Moscow - conflicts and co-existence
Julia Klimenko, How to preserve the architectural heritage of Moscow Classicism ?
Rustam Rakhmatullin, Civil society and heritage protection movement in Moscow : the 1990's-2010's
Ekaterina Dmitrieva, Cultural and historical palimpsest : problems in reconstructing the monuments in Pskov

27 septembre 2013

III. Conflictual heritage of the 20th century
Moderator : Luba Jurgenson, University of Sorbonne, Paris IV
Anna Bronovitskaya, The fate of the former Exhibition of Economic Achievements in Moscow : danger of losses connected with reconstruction
Marina Khrustaleva, The social responsabilitu of business structures : investment projects for 20th century heritage sites in Moscow
Paul Sigel, Post-socialist heritage in Berlin. Heritage debates and case studies
Ekaterina Shorban, The problem of protecting 20th century architectural heritage in Russian provincial towns

IV. Protecting the heritage of totalitarian regimes
Moderator : Ewa Bérard, CNRS-ENS, Paris
Marina Dmitrieva, Alien monuments : How to deal with the monument heritage of past regimes ? The Karl Marx monuments in Cheemnitz and Berlin, the Soviet War Memorial in Berlin, the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw
Juba Jurgenson, The memory of camps : how to preserve the heritage of repressive systems ?
Piotr M.A. Cywinski, Museum representation of memory
Philippe Mesnard, Representing disappearance : vanishing traces of the Holocaust and their reflection in memorial sites
Alexander Margolis, Archaeological finding of the Red Terror (1918-1920) in the Peter and Paul Fortress. Issues of research and memory

28 septembre 2013

Bus excursion

FMSH/CEFR/Université Sorbonne-Paris IV, Fonds d'Alembert de l'Institut de France


Localisation : Centre d'études franco-russe Moscou
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