Oksana Mitrofanova

Oksana Mitrofanova obtained in 2013 the Graduate Diploma in Translation, Institute of Translators, Kiev (English, French); in 2003 the DEA in International Relations, University of Paris II Panthéon – Assas; in 2002 the Doctorate in Political Science (kandidatskaya, equivalent to the academic degree of Doctor of Philosophy, Ph. D, PhD), Institute of World Economy and International Relations of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine; in 1998 the Graduate Diploma in History, Kiev National Shevchenko University (KNU).

Anna Caffarena

Anna Caffarena is Professor of International Relations at the Department of Cultures, Politics and Society, University of Turin (Italy). She is Chairwoman of the Torino World Affairs Institute – T.wai. Her present research interests include world order issues sparked by emerging China and multilateralism. Her most recent book focuses on the role of images in perpetuating the security dilemma in world politics.


By other means: what China’s approach to multilateralism tells about the future of global governance.

Mirzokhid Rakhimov

Mirzokhid Rakhimov is head of the department at Contemporary History Center of the Academy of Sciences as well as the Professor of the Webster University branch in Tashkent. He contributed to a broad range of publishers, amongst them Brill, Routledge, Springer, Elsevier, Peter Lang, Primus Books, Cuvillier publications as well as journals like Journal of Eurasian studies; Cambridge Journal of Eurasian studies; L`Europe en formation; Journal of Studies on European Integration and Federalism; Himalayan and Central Asian Studies and others.

En translation unavailable for La Méditerranée 2050, réflexions sur un champ de ruines.
En translation unavailable for Système international et identités : retours, bifurcations, métamorphoses.
En translation unavailable for Les biotechnologies en Chine : investissement stratégique et massif dans l'édition du génome.

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Gulshan Sachdeva, Jawalarlal Nehru University

Abstract of the presentation:

DATE DE MISE A JOUR : 17/02/2021
En translation unavailable for La transition énergétique entre injonctions politiques et déficit prospectif.
En translation unavailable for Prospective des migrations internationales à l’horizon 2050.
En translation unavailable for Droit et démocratie chez Carl Schmitt.