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Angela Muvumba Sellström

Dr. Angela Muvumba Sellström is an Assistant Professor and Researcher at Uppsala University’s Department of Peace and Conflict Research, Sweden, where she teaches gender, peace and conflict studies, leads international training programmes in dialogue and mediation and contributes to research on international interventions and civil wars. She has been the Principal Investigator for the Project on Preventing Sexual Violence, funded by the Swedish Research Council and has over 17 years of policy research experience. 

Since the Paris Declaration (2005) on the effectiveness of development aid, the injunction of aid’s optimization has seemed to be recurring in donors’ discourses. This should be seen in an international context of multiple and protracted crisis, as well as budgetary tensions around required resources’ mobilization. Such a situation has led to redesign strategies, with regard to their formulation and operationalization.

DATE DE MISE A JOUR : 29/05/2020

Seminar: Violence and exiting violence

For the fifth consecutive year, the Platform on Violence and Exiting Violence seminar continues to invite internationally renowned researchers to deepen our understanding of the phenomena of violence and to make the exit from violence a specific and innovative field of research.

The 2020 programme is in line with this desire to open up and explore new, emerging fields of research, working at the crossroads of disciplines that are sometimes too little convened to grasp the processes of entry/non-entry/exit from violence.

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