10 April 2014
Security in the Caucasus in light of the recent regional developments

Public event, FP7 Project CASCADE

CASCADE (‘Exploring the Security-Democracy Nexus in the Caucasus’) is an EU-funded research project led by FMSH and gathering 9 partners from across Europe, Russia and the Caucasus. The project will de-compartmentalise research on the Caucasus by exploring linkages between societal challenges, political developments and conflicts and investigating the interactions between the North and South Caucasus, as well as between the Caucasus and its wider neighbourhood.

As part of CASCADE’s kick-off meeting, a public event is organised in the presence of researchers, NGOs, officials from differents ministries and journalists.

The panel will offer an opportunity to present the project and to discuss key security issues in the Caucasus.


  • Presentation of CASCADE
    Dr. Laure Delcour, Scientific coordinator
  • Opening remarks. Security in the Caucasus in light of recent regional developments
    Dr. Derek Averre, Senior Researcher, University of Birmingham
    Dr. Neil Melvin, Senior Researcher, SIPRI
  • Discussion


Venue : Building Le France
Localisation : Salle CNRS 638
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