Franco-German journal of the humanities and social sciences

The e-journal Trivium was founded in 2007 by Hinnerk Bruhns (research director?, CNRS) as an instrument for discussion and cooperation between the French-speaking and German-speaking academic cultures in the humanities and social sciences. Based on the concept of “cross-perspectives”, it provides French translations of seminal papers published in German journals and German translations of important French journal articles. The papers published are accompanied by a bibliographical annex and biographical and bibliographical notes.

Trivium thus allows online consultation of important papers that were initially published in prominent academic journals. Apart from the concept of “cross-perspectives”, one of the major features of Trivium is a publication policy based on free illimited access, which highlights the thematic perspective specific to each issue. Lastly, the journal will give priority to varied and critical approaches in order to give a voice to controversial and contradictory opinions.

The project Trivium. Revue franco-allemande de sciences humaines and sociales is cofinanced by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and the French National Research Agency (ANR) as part of the DFG-ANR call for Franco-German projects.

Trivium publishes three thematic issues per year, consisting of French translations of German papers and German translations of French papers, introduced and presented by German and French specialists. The journal is completely open-access. It has been published since 2007 as part of a French-German DFG-ANR project.


Publication director:

Michel Wieviorka (President of Fondation Maison des sciences de l’homme)

Editor in chief:

Hinnerk Bruhns (CNRS / FMSH) and Thomas Maissen (DHI Paris)

Editorial secretariat:

Katrin Heydenreich (FMSH)

Coordination of translation:

Bernd Schwibs (Frankfurt/M.)


Katrin Heydenreich (FMSH) ; Bernd Schwibs (Frankfurt/M.) ; Anne-Emmanuelle Fournier (Paris)


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07 August 2017

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Les traces du sensible : pour une histoire des sens dans les sociétés anciennes