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The journal Quaderni explores the field of communication and its vital relationships with technology and power.

Communication is everywhere: in the human as well as the natural sciences, in the media, in politics, in business. It is the new religion. As its influence grows, communication must take a number of ideological and epistemological detours. It emerged as a social value only in response to the fragmentation of society, of politics, of science. But does this mean that communication in general should be rejected outright, as an ideology? Not at all. Rather, we need to reveal, discriminate and distinguish among its uses.

Quaderni was founded by Lucien Sfez in 1987. It is supported by the Centre national du livre.


Publication director

Lucien Sfez

Editorial secretariat

Jean-Marc Vernier

Redaction and reading comity

Pascal Acot ; Anne Cauquelin ; Christine Barats-Malbrel ; Sabine Chalvon-Demersay ; Marc Chopplet ; Geoffrey Geuens ; Patrick Germain-Thomas ; Cynthia Ghorra-Gobin ; Serge Graziani ; Séverine Louvel ; Bernard Paulré ; Dominique Pagès ; Nicolas Pélissier ; Joanna Pomian ; Emmanuel Taïeb ; Virginie Tournay ; Jean-Marc Vernier.

Scientific comity

Georges Balandier ; Enrique Bustamante ; Jacques Chevalier ; Daniel Dayan ; Pascal Durand ; Johanne Collin ; Donatella della Porta ; Nicolas Dodier ; Jean-Louis Genard ; Claude Gilbert ; Pierre Hamel ; Pascale Laborier ; Michel Mathien ; Pierre Moeglin ; Serge Proulx ; Rémy Rieffel ; Sabine Saurugger ; Giuseppe Richeri ; Isabelle Veyrat Masson ; Yves Winkin.


Latest publication

Smart city : "Fiction" et innovation stratégique

Directed by Cynthia Ghorra-Gobin





Logiques numériques des radicalisations

Directed by Virginie Tournay, Emmanuel Taïeb, Julien Giry






Les théories du complot à l'heure du numérique

Directed by Julien Giry





Autorité et pratiques de légitimation en ligne

Directed by Etienne Candel and Pergia Gkouskou-Giannakou






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19 December 2017