Dmitriy Oparin

Laureate of the Atlas Programme  Stay in France: from October 3 to December 17, 2018

Dmitriy Oparin. PhD in History, anthropologist (Moscow State University, Higher School of Economics). Research focus – anthropology of religion, ritual space and ritual dynamics. He conducts fieldwork in Chukotka (Russian Arctic) as well as in Western Siberia. He focuses on indigenous cultures. The second field work terrain is Moscow where Dmitriy Oparin conducts anthropological research among Muslim migrants, mostly from Central Asia. Dmitriy Oparin is a Moscow historian as well, author of two history books based on memories of the Moscovites.

The project 

Title: The Chechens and the Ingush in Europe. Contextualizing religious practices 

Keywords : Islam, Islam in the West, anthropology of religion, ritual, religious identity, failure in ritual

Selected publications

  • 2018. Locals and immigrants on the Yamal Peninsula. Social boundaries and variations in migratory experience // Asian Ethnicity, Vol. 19, Issue 2, pp. 251-269 (in English) Q1, H Index 11
  • 2018. Book review. Dinero S.C. Living on Thin Ice. The Gwich’in Natives of Alaska. NewYork: Berghahn, 2016 // Etnograficheskoye obozreniye (Ethnographic review), 2, c. 185-187 (in Russian)
  • 2017. Adaptation Possibilities of Migrants’ Children in the Schools of Moscow Region // Demograficheskoe obozrenie (Demographic Review), 4, pp. 80–109 [with D. Zelenova, E. Kosmidis, E. Demintseva] (in Russian)
  • 2017. Migration and Contemporary Muslim Space in Moscow. Contextualizing North Caucasian Loud Dhikr and the Religious Practices of Central Asian “Folk Mullas” // Contemporary Islam, 11 (1), pp. 61-80 (in English) Q2, H Index 15
  • 2016. Book review. D’une anthropologie du chamanisme vers une anthropologie du croire. Hommage à l’œuvre de Roberte Hamayon. Paris: Centre d’études mongoles et sibériennes / l’École Pratique des Hautes Études, 2014 // Sibirskiye istoricheskiye issledovaniya (Siberian Historical Research), № 1, pp. 134-137 (in Russian)
  • 2016. Book review. Krupnik Igor, Chlenov Michael. Yupik Transitions: Change and Survival at Bering Strait, 1900-1960. Fairbanks:  University  of  Alaska Press,  2014 // Folklore: Electronic Journal of Folklore, № 63, pp. 145-147 (in English)
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  • 2014. Entrevue avec une aînée Yupik remarquable, Lioudmila Ainana // Cahiers du CIERA "La Représentation et du Leadership des Femmes dans les Régions Circumpolaires". Quebec, Universite Laval, 12: 71-94 (in French)
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  • 2012. The Commemoration of the Dead in the Contemporary Asiatic Yupik Ritual Space // Études Inuit Studies, 36 (2): 187-207 (in English)
  • 2011. Book review “Apostle to the Inuit: the journals and ethnographic notes of Edmund James Peck, the Baffin years, 1894–1905 / Eds. F. Laugrand, J. Oosten, F. Trudel. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2006. 498 р.” // Etnograficheskoye obozreniye (Ethnographic review), Moscow. P. 187-189 (in Russian)
  • 2010. "Adaptation of the Contemporary Inuit Society of Nunavut to New Socio-Cultural Realities" // Etnograficheskoye obozreniye (Ethnographic review), Moscow: 89-106 (in Russian)
Published at 18 September 2018