Changing World(s)

The world's major areas considered in the light of contemporary world's challenges.

The Foundation give a great value to continental research programmes (Europe, Russia, Asia, Africa, America) that develop numerous institutional partnerships, often international, and gather experts on those areas.


Global Legal Studies Network
The network “Global Legal Studies Network” (GLSN) of the Foundation of the MSH Paris aims to link researchers, practitioners, experts, teachers, who devote themselves to the globalization of law.

This research group runs a bi-weekly seminar aimed at updating a multi-year program on comparative approaches to the socio-economic development of emerging countries, especially the BRICs.

Caribbean and Transatlantic Worlds on the Move
The research group relates the observable social dynamics in post-slavery and post-colonial areas. La Caraïbe y est considérée comme un paradigme permettant de décliner la diversité des expériences issues du rapport entre modernité et esclavage.


Reflection and study group on Colombia, Latin America and Caribbean.


Programmes recently completed

Diverse experiences, common causes

The programme adopt a multidisciplinary approach and bring together around these questions scholars from the humanities and the social as well as environmental sciences, as well as artists and committed individuals whose imagination, creativity, and struggles will enrich our reflection.

ELITAF programme analyse history fragments threw experiences and journeys of students trained in USSR/Russia or other former soviet countries and not threw a reading grid inherited from the Cold War and the current North-South clichés.

The study’s objective is to conduct surveys of the experiences of Roma people who have migrated from Romania all over western Europe, and what motivates them.