Bernard Maris Chair

Economics and society

The Bernard Maris Chair is run by FMSH in conjunction with the ALLISS science & society cooperation platform and aims to form links between academic knowledge and knowledge gained from action and experience, by combining research, teaching and media coverage. The Chair is designed and structured around a philosophy of ‘thinking big’ and is contributing to the revamping of the epistemology of economics.

The Bernard Maris Chair is an international first in terms of its dual scientist-citizen identity.


Identity of the Chair

  • Participating in the renewal of economics teaching and research, based on an interdisciplinary vision of economics, and studying the overhaul of the present epistemological bases of the economics fields in depth;
  • Undertaking research in high priority fields and disseminating the results widely, in particular those on issues surrounding the sustainability of societies;
  • Designing and organising activities aimed at informing the actions of professionals working in this field in the light of major present-day issues;
  • Working towards the creation of a worldwide network to facilitate dialogue, collaborative work and international dissemination of the Chair’s research and projects;
  • Working in collaboration with UNESCO and UNESCO Chairs researching relevant themes.



  • Cutting-edge academic research: articles and publications;
  • Supervision of between 1 and 3 postdoctoral researchers;
  • Teaching (seminars for students from partner organisations);
  • Public lectures;
  • A MOOC (in 6 languages), which will award credits recognised by an international circle of universities;
  • Radio programmes to be broadcast at regular intervals.



Between 1 and 3 years, renewable every 2 years following interim evaluations.



Project manager: Lionel Larqué (ALLISS), Gilles Raveaud (Paris 8), Michel Wieviorka (FMSH)

Legal and financial portage: ALLISS, FMSH

Running committee which assume the coordination function: FMSH, ALLISS, CEPN, ILB (sous réserve)

Sponsorship Committee (en cours de constitution): Joseph E. Stiglitz, James Galbraith, Quartet Tunisien, Prix Nobel de la Paix (accord), Jared Diamond, Dennis Meadows

Scientific counsel: Anne-Marie Autissier (IEE, Fr), Dominique Bourg (UFL, Suis), Eve Chiapello (EHESS, Fr), Robert Constanza (Crawford School of Public Policy, Aust), Mariteuw Chimère Diaw (African Model Forests Network, Sen ), Theotonio Dos Santos (Universidade Federal Fluminense, Br), Jean-Pierre Dozon (FMSH, Fr), Nancy Fraser (New School University, New York, EUA), James K. Galbraith (Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs, EUA), Gaël Giraud (AFD, Fr), Ian Gough (London School of Economics and Political Science, UK), David Graeber (London School of Economics and Political Science, UK), Florence Jany-Catrice (Université de Lille I, Fr), Alan Kirman (Princeton University, EUA), Sandra Laugier (CNRS, Fr), Lena Lavinas (Université fédérale de Rio, Br), Dominique Méda (IRISSO, Fr), Timothy Mitchell (Columbia Université, EUA), François Morin (LEREPS, Fr), Martha Nélida Ruiz Uribe (Mex), Fabrice Nicolino (Charlie Hebdo, Fr), Kako Nubukpo (CADERDT, Tog), André Orléan (EHESS, Fr), Pedro Paez (CPNAFR, Eq), Daniel Pauly (University of British Columbia, Can) Michael J. Piore (MIT, EUA), Juliet Schor (Boston University, EUA), Marc Weisbrot (CEPR, EUA)


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14 December 2015