Digital humanities

Projects for a field of multifold experimentation

New Uses of Digital and Continuity! Automated Alert Analysis

This project aims to assess the realities of the appropriation of digital techniques for distance education. It uses methods of identifying emerging topics and issues based on conversations on social media.

For a digital and qualitative mediation platform for Open and Massive Data corpus in SHS

The digital divide (also the digital deficiency) greatly influences the question of completeness, which can amplify the phenomenon of relevance. This project therefore proposes the creation of an Open Data platform, intelligent, interactive of digital data corpus for users and research uses in SHS.

ETHICA - Unfettered research

The Ethica project is a web application offering an augmented digital version of Spinoza’s Ethics. The commentary of the 100 participating thinkers constitutes a unique map of Spinoza research in the early 21st century, translated into 12 languages and accessible to all users.

French-Arab-Berber Wiktionary

A project to promote dialogue between North African and French researchers, pool their knowledge of the cultures on both shores of the Mediterranean and provide a basis for thinking about lexical practices in these different scientific and cultural contexts.