Arts and SSH

Art broadens the investigative and analytical capacity of the social sciences and humanities

The relationship between the fine arts and the SSH is changing. Formerly distant or even antagonistic, this relationship now displays linkages and connexions that are far more extensive than the sociological or historiographical interest that SSH had previously shown for the arts.

Many artists refer to categories derived from scientific language or borrow methods from research, when their iconographic, musical and literary works constitute modes of access to the world, to knowledge of its forms of life and to its ethical and political issues, the latter being particularly in line with the topics and approaches of the social sciences and humanities.


The politics of the image
A forum for study and discussion of the relationship between images and politics, taking account of contemporary developments in visual studies, anthropology and the philosophy of images, visual semiotics and any other field that takes a complex, thoughtful approach to this relationship.

Political cameras: scholarly and artistic investigation of politics by motion picture camera
The Political cameras project proposes a dialogue between the arts and SSH, and especially between the cinema and visual ethnography, with the aim of comparing the practices and engagement of researchers and artists.