Staking out knowledge

Release of the Social Science Information vol. 57

Whether abrupt and unannounced or progressive and expected, change plays a crucial role in reconfiguring life, its processes and reproductive moments, its forms and natures, its connections or absence of connection. In an interesting set of various approaches and case studies, this new issue of SSI revolves around precisely that: the relationship between contemporary transformational realms and knowledge productions.





Staking out knowledge | David Jaclin, Peter Wagner

Research Article

Data struggles: The life and times of a database in Historical Climatology | Kris Decker

Économie des changements climatiques et structuration du champ de l’économie | Pauline Huet

Biopower imagined: Biotechnological art and life engineering | Eva Šlesingerová

Social determinants of identity in communities: A social capital- and social categorization-based approach – findings from Latvia | Guido Sechi, Jurģis Šķilters

A cross-cultural approach to eating together: Practices of commensality among French, German and Spanish young adults | Giada Danesi

De l’indétermination de la traduction – le cas de la traduction du mot « honneur » en chinois | LI Wenrui

A probe into causes of non-citation based on survey data | Zewen Hu, Yishan Wu


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Published at 31 January 2018