14 December 2017
World sociology after 1940

Seminar "Globalized Sociology" with Stéphane Dufoix

Seminar “For a non-hegemonic globalized sociology: common tools, based knowledge and productive connections” animated by Stéphane Dufoix and organized by the Collège d'études mondiales / Fondation Maison des sciences de l’homme (FMSH) in partnership with  the Centre Emile Durkheim (Bordeaux), Sophiapol (Paris Nanterre), Institut für Soziologie (Freiburg) and Centro Studi Postcoloniali (Napoli).



Thursday December 14, 2017
5:30pm - 7:30pm

FMSH | 54, boulevard Raspail, Paris 6e

Room A2-49

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For thirty years, global debates show a sociology torn apart between North and South, between unity and fragmentation, between methodical nationalism and methodical fluidism, between occidental hegemony and indigenisation temptations. Yet, the history and stakes of those discussions are little-known in France. This seminar will be held at the FMSH in Paris in order to prepare the organisation of an international residential seminar in Bordeaux in 2019 with about 20 sociologists. It will a time to asses those debates and to consider, helped by French or foreigner specialists, the actual situations as well as the future of the field in the scope of a non-hegemonic globalized sociology.


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