05 December 2013
Toward a new learning paradigm: a change of mindset

Symposium organized by the  Chair "New technologies and éducation" (Imma Tubella).

Convener:  Imma Tubella, Chair of Communication at the Open University of Catalunya (Barcelona) and chair of « New technologies and Education » at the Collège d’études mondiales (Paris).

In our global knowledge society knowledge, innovation and technology remain key elements in the strategies for the future.

Today anybody doubts about the idea that ICT is one of the key factors driving progress in the 21st century, changing our economy, politics, society or communication media. But in Europe there are still important reluctance about the transformation of teaching and learning, possibly because we have considered ICT just as a set of tools but not as a transforming agent of our educational systems.

The increased use of ICT in work, leisure and daily life has raised the preoccupation of how to use ICT for teaching and learning. But equipping schools, training teachers, facilitating digital content, maintenance of IT infrastructure is it enough?

It seems that we should change de focus from access, investment, infrastructure and content production towards a focus on the use of ICT as a driver of change in educational systems and culture.

The fact is that there are on going cultural changes not lead by institutions or public policies, but for our children and teenagers. Students’ use of ICT at schools does not match their use at home. We know that from more than ten years now and nothing has been done. That is our blind point. Why? Because we still trying to understand the future according our mindset, not their, forgetting that the future belongs to them. Interdisciplinary research must be done an a new concept of learning needs to be redefined for the future, and that new concept it is about transformation and about important cultural changes in the students.

  • It is about transformation of the whole educational system.
  • It is not to use ICT to do the same.
  • It is about the change of structures, strategies, curricula and methodologies with the ICT support.
  • It is about the new learning culture to change classrooms, study plans, libraries and accreditation systems.
  • It is about organizational change to allow and encourage innovation in education.
  • It is about ICT’s to provide teachers and education for all.


Conference Opening

Michel Wieviorka, administrateur de la Fondation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme

Speakers and session conveners

Michel Wieviorka, administrator de la Fondation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme, Paris
Edem Adubra, Chief of section Task Force on Teachers for EFA, UNESCO, Paris
Daniel Andler, prof. Paris-Sorbonne university (Paris IV), director of the Compas group (Education, cognition and technology), ENS, Paris
Hervé Biausser, Director of the Ecole Centrale de Paris
Anne Boyer, Chargée de mission à la Mission Numérique du Ministère de l'Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche, Paris
Olivier Bouin, Director of the RFIEA, co-director CEM, Paris
Ricardo Ferreira, Direction General for Education and Culture, European Commission, Bruxelles
Brenda Gourley, former President Open University, UK
Derrick de Kerckhove, McLuhan Institute, University of Toronto
Hal Plotkin, Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of the Under Secretary of Education, United States Department of Education
Marco Antonio Rodrigues Dias, Director of Higher Education in UNESCO (1981-1999), Paris
Albert Sangra, Director e-Learn Center, UOC, Barcelona
Paulo Speller, Secretário da Educação Superior, Brasilia
Martha Stone Wiske, Former Lecturer at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Boston
François Taddei, Centre de Recherche interdisciplinaire, Paris
Tiziana Zalla, ENS, Paris

Thursday 5 December (FMSH, salles 640 & 641)

14.00 Conference Opening
Michel Wieviorka
Imma Tubella
14.30 Session 1  The framework: Reform or transformation
Martha Stone Wiske
Brenda Gourley
Chair: Edem Adubra

16.00 Coffe Break

16.15 Session 2  The new learning culture
Albert Sangrà
Anne Boyer
Chair: Marco Antonio Rodrigues Dias

17.30 Session 3  Which skills for the 21st century workplace?
Hervé Biaussier
IBM Europe (speaker to be confirmed)
Chair: Olivier Bouin

Friday 6 December (FMSH, auditorium)

09.00 Session 4 A cognitive revolution?
Derrick de Kerkhove
Chair: Tiziana Zalla

10.30 Coffe Break

11.00 Closing Session
Towards a new learning paradigm
Ricardo Ferreira (UE), Paulo Speller (Brasil), Hal Plotkin (USA)
Chair: François Taddeï


Venue : Building Le France
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