07 June 2016
Political Freud - a perspective for psychoanalysis in 21st century

Eli Zaretsky comes as part of the College's research seminar.

Freudian political thinking, including, but not restricted to, Freud’s own, , was a major current of twentieth century political thought. This was because it served as a counter to the one-sided condemnation of “mass psychology,” which began with Gustave Le Bon. In this talk I will describe three moments in the history of political Freudianism: 1) the critique of the father complex, as applied to Nazism, anti-Semitism and racism; 2) the critique of mass consumption capitalism, especially in the United States and 3) the love/hate relationship toward Freud on the part of the New Left and the early women’s movement, in the 1970s. The talk will end by asking whether political Freudianism can teach us anything today.

Eli Zaretsky est historien et enseigne l’histoire et la théorie du Capitalisme ainsi que l’histoire de la famille à la New School de New York. Il a beaucoup travaillé également sur l’histoire de la psychanalyse. Parmi ses livres, nous rappelons les traductions françaises Left. Essai sur l’autre gauche aux Etats-Unis (2012), Le siècle de Freud (2008). Son dernier livre, publié par Columbia University Press, s’intitule Political Freud. A History (2016).


Venue : Le France
Localisation : Room 3
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