L'occupazione dello spazio e la presa di possesso: Carl Schmitt e Immanuel Kant

Ernesto C. Sferrazza Papa's Paper in Filosofia Politica 2/2017

Post-doctoral researcher of the chair "Exil en migrations" of Alexis Nuselovici, Ernesto Sferrazza Papa published a paper about occupying space and taking possession:Carl Schmitt and Kant, in Filosofia politica.

The paper analyzes the concept of Landnahme through the philosophical frameworks provided by Kant and Schmitt. In the first part the concept of "taking possession" in Kant's doctrine of right is taken into account. In the second part, Kant's theory is criticized throught the Schmittian concept of nomos as the co-presence of juridical order and spatial localization. The aim of the third part is to show how both Kant's and Schmitt's world dominated by an exclusivist and possessive logic. In the conclusions, the Author argues for a man-space relationship firstly based on the act of dwelling, suggesting a possible political reformulation of the history of the nomos. 

Ernesto C. Sferrazza Papa, "L'occupazione dello spazio e la presa di possesso: Carl Schmitt e Immanuel Kant", in Filosofia politica 2/2017, pp. 235-252, doi: 10.1416/86787

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06 July 2017