Exile as Experience

Working paper d'Alexis Nuselovici

In our contemporary world, migratory movements have reached an unprecedented scale and include a wide range of realities. However they all share a voluntary or imposed condition, which shall be named "exiliance" and which continues over several generations, both at the individual and at the collective level. Regarding the migrants' identity, if Republican integration stresses the moment of arrival and multiculturalism the one of departure, the exiled person's experience dialectically links both. Edward Said and Emmanuel Lévinas help us to sketch this specific existential category which is not the same as the one of the foreigner.

The author

Professor in litterature in the University of Aix-Marseille. He occupied the post of Chair of Modern Cultural Studies at the University of Cardiff (United Kingdom) and has taught before at the University of Montréal. He was a guest professor in Brasil, in Turkey, in Spain and in France. He is a member of many teams of international researches and is responsible for the seminar "Exile as Experience" at the Collège d'études mondiales. Hu published many books like "Plaidoyer pour un monde métis" (2005) and Paul Celan. "Les lieux d'un déplacement" (2010).


Alexis Nuselovici (nouss). L'exil comme experience. FMSH-WP-2013-43. 2013.  <halshs-00861245>



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16 September 2013

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