15 October 2018
Digital break in Brazil: progress and challenges of the democratic promise

Conference - Monday October 15th

Conference of the Research Initiative Social Movements in the Global Age by Geoffrey Pleyers

This conference will address the democratic promise of the digital age based on the analysis of 29 popular media experiences in Brazil: community radio and television, neighborhood newspapers or digital activism platforms. The results of this research raise a cross-cutting issue that goes beyond the case of Brazil.

New technologies have made progress in opening spaces for the expression of dissonant voices. However, to achieve a state of full democracy, we must integrate the ability of each of these voices to question and transform the social order. Communication processes capable of generating commitment and solidarity play a major role in this area.



Ana Suzina, Postdoc at University of Louvain


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The conferences of the Social Movements in the Global Age Research Initiative analyze social movements in the South of the planet or regions that are generally not very visible in the sociological field, such as Eastern Europe with the aim of better integrating researchers, analysts and actors from these regions into building a global, multi-situated perspective on social movements and the challenges of democracy in this troubled period.




Monday October 15th
6pm to 8 pm

Room A3-50
FMSH | 54, bd Raspail, Paris 6

Free entrance

Conference in French

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