En translation unavailable for Les politiques migratoires sous l’angle des mobilisations.
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En translation unavailable for Figures du ressentiment et catastrophisme. Logiques et subjectivation de la catastrophe.
En translation unavailable for Les sciences sociales brésiliennes dans l’entre-deux-guerres : circulation internationale et modalités de réception.
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IFRE's Network

Since 2004, the Foundation has been assigned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Develoment to enhance the network of 27 French research institutes abroad, present in 34 countries (under MAEDI and CNRS). The IFRE valorisation commitee supports the circulation of knowledge between these institutes and strive to increase the diffusion of their activities and productions. A dedicated portal, fully redesigned in 2015, allows coordinated aggregation and dissemination of this knowledge.

En translation unavailable for Une minorité modèle ? Chinois de France et racisme anti-Asiatiques.
En translation unavailable for Violence américaine : relations ethno-raciales et politique identitaire contestataire.

The next session of the BRICs seminar will be held on Wednesday, January 26th, 6pm (Online).

It will be organized in tribute of Xavier Richet, co-founder and moderator of the BRICs seminar, who died prematurely on 16 January.


Kristen Sehnbruch, British Academy Global Professor and Distinguished Policy Fellow International Inequalities Institute – London School of Economics and Political Science,

Link to the event

DATE DE MISE A JOUR : 26/01/2022