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ELITAF - Students and elites trained in URSS universities

ELITAF is an international research programme – led by the Interdisciplinary Africa-World Network (RIAM). It gathers more than 80 researchers and PhD students from Sub-Saharian Africa, Maghreb, Europe, Russia and America. At the origin of the programme : some biographies and narratives of former African students who were trained in URSS universities.

Organized on a pluridisciplinary bases (history, politics, sociology, anthropology, economics, narrative and cinema studies, etc.), the programme aims at :

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Territory and Population

In the mid-17th century, two new concepts emerged: territory and population. They were the framework for modern absolute monarchies and were a first step toward the nation state. Simple technical tools initially - population meaning the number of inhabitants and territories covering identities, without a specific spatial border separating them - these concepts became established over the coming centuries.  In the same way that nations create nationalities and that populations fuel the notional term 'people', territories trigger the drawing of ever-precise borders.

New Technologies and Education

This research chair has enabled the Collège d’études mondiales to submit a European ERASMUS+ (strategic partnership) project, D-Transform: "Digital Resources as a New Strategical Factor for Renovation and Modernization in Higher Education". With €450,000 in funding, the project is coordinated by Angela Procoli (DDC) and Gwenaëlle Lieppe (Collège). Anne Boyer (professor at the Université de Lorraine) and Françoise Thibault are the scientific coordinators for the FMSH.