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Sociology of conflict

Since ancient times, democratic politics has opposed the poor to the rich. This is the central theme of Aristotle's Politics, that of the Florentine History of Machiavelli where the popolo minuto faces the popolo grasso, that of Marx with the proletarians drawn up against the bourgeois. But for the past twenty years, the poor are no longer opposed to the rich but to the poorest of them, the migrants, although xenophobia is no worse than in the past and the differences in wealth are increasing.

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This research group is based on collaboration between researchers from various French establishments and partners in the BRIC countries and takes the form of a research seminar.

As the world’s emerging economies grow stronger, we are witnessing a shift in the global centre of gravity. The most dominant of these, the BRIC countries, are a driving force in this change. And yet, these large countries differ greatly from each other and are progressing in very different ways, There are also many questions surrounding their external relations.

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