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The FMSH is pleased to publish the second call of its grant program in digital humanities. Thanks to a generous grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, FMSH will co-finance transatlantic collaborative projects in the field of the digital humanities.

DATE DE MISE A JOUR : 12/12/2014

This call is now closed.

DATE DE MISE A JOUR : 12/12/2014

Chair Christian Walter

Mark Davis is a Professor of Mathematics at Imperial College London, specializing in stochastic analysis and financial mathematics.

Abstract :

DATE DE MISE A JOUR : 10/12/2014
En translation unavailable for Etudiants africains en URSS et dans les autres pays du monde communiste | 1960-1990 | Entre histoires nationales et contexte international.
En translation unavailable for Tumaco « Vie, Justice et Paix ». La construction de la mémoire des victimes du conflit armé en Colombie .

Chair Ethics and Finance

Fabian Muniesa, senior researcher at the CSI of Ecole des Mines, Paris

The notion of “capitalization” refers to a set of financial valuation techniques but also, more generally, to the fact of considering things (any sorts of things) in terms of "capital", "asset", "investment". Fabian Muniesa will present some elements for an anthropological analysis of this process, and for a discussion about his political and moral consequences.

DATE DE MISE A JOUR : 12/11/2014
En translation unavailable for Héritages et survivances de Jacques Derrida.
En translation unavailable for Les échecs historiques pour créer une gauche mondiale.

This call is closed. Please see the current call here.

DATE DE MISE A JOUR : 23/10/2014
En translation unavailable for Lancement du réseau D-Transform (Erasmus+) coordonné par la FMSH.