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The next session of the BRICs seminar will be held on Wednesday, January 26th, 6pm (Online).

It will be organized in tribute of Xavier Richet, co-founder and moderator of the BRICs seminar, who died prematurely on 16 January.


Kristen Sehnbruch, British Academy Global Professor and Distinguished Policy Fellow International Inequalities Institute – London School of Economics and Political Science,

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DATE DE MISE A JOUR : 26/01/2022

The next session of the BRICs seminar will be held Wednesday, January 12th 2022, 6:00 pm (online)


Sara Regragui, doctoral student at the University of Montpellier

Eléonore Nantas, doctoral student at Inalco.

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On the theme of the New Chinese Silk Roads and their technological and security challenges.

Here are the (provisional) titles of the interventions:

DATE DE MISE A JOUR : 12/01/2022