from 30 September to 04 October 2019
Mediterranean Identity: talks around a common destiny

Summer school in Licate (Sicile)

UNIMED – Mediterranean Universities Union, in collaboration with FMSH, is organising a one-week summer school on “Mediterranean Identity: talks around a common destiny”.

This Summer School will be organized along the “Nnumari” event, organized by the Sicilian Chef Pino Cuttaia.

The purpose of the Summer School is to create a network where experts from different sectors, such as sociology, science, art, journalism or culture, can discuss the sustainable development of the Mediterranean Region, through the lens of our common background and in particular our common traditions related to food (production, consumption, experiences…), in order to offer a positive paradigm to the Euro-Mediterranean relations.

The training project is addressed to students and young researchers of different fields to allow them to share their analyses and point of views on the Mediterranean Sea, while providing them with a common multidisciplinary forum of discussion to find ways of positively impact the future generation’s knowledge and awareness about the value of the Mediterranean heritage and resources.

Vision and Mission

In recent times we have been receiving continuous negative views and news coming from the Mediterranean area, such as death, suffering, close-minded discourses, as well as isolationism and rejection.

Our vision is to counter the ideas of division and standing for the multiple facets of our Mediterranean origin, by enhancing the different traditions of the countries exposed to the Mediterranean Sea.

Therefore, this initiative is conceived to underline the treasures of the Mediterranean region as well as to convey a positive message of the Mediterranean culture, while ensuring that its resources and wealth are taking care of.

This summer school aims at identifying a new relationship between development and sustainability, consumption and ethics. Indeed, the protection of the sea’s sustainability as well as of the Mediterranean cultural role cannot leave out of consideration the development of an ethical awareness on development and consumption, especially for future generations.

This week will be an occasion to reflect and discuss the important issues linked to the food production and consumption and analyse the extent to which we can impact them.

Enhancing old traditions related to cooking, supporting local economic activities, defending small producers, explaining the local food market dynamics, showing young people the value of their territory are fundamental elements to both foster the economy and enhance the region.

Furthermore, it is necessary to promote a more sustainable consumption in economic, environmental and social terms. Encouraging renewable resources use, increasing awareness in preserving biodiversity and ecosystems, as well as fighting marine pollution, are essential messages the summer school aims at conveying.

Finally, the summer school will tackle the topic of nutrition, namely the nutritional value, raw ingredients and healthy cooking methods.

In conclusion, the summer school will be on the one hand, an occasion to discover the wealth of the Mediterranean Sea, and discuss important issues related to its use while, on the other hand, reaffirming the cultural and geopolitical role of the Mediterranean region.


The summer school is dedicated to students (Master 2 degree) and young researchers (from PhD to 2 years postdoctoral) from the UNIMED associated universities enrolled in social sciences and humanities faculties, such as, anthropology, communication, economy, history, journalism, political sciences, as well as agriculture and marketing.

The maximum number of participants is 16 students, in order to ensure the active involvement of students, and allow for a room for discussion and constructive approaches.

The participants of the Summer School will also participate to the Nnumari events, which will take place in Licata from the 2nd to the 4th of October, where chefs coming from several Mediterranean countries and experts on Sustainable food will discuss the topic of the Mediterranean traditions.

Programme of the Summer school

The definitive summer school agenda will be available in the coming weeks.

The summer school will be structured as followed:

  • 9 am – 1 pm: training and working groups activities
  • 2 pm – 5 pm: cultural activities (fishing activity, visit of an agritourism site, historical sites…)

Candidates must have a good understanding/expression of French or English.

When and where

The initiative will take place in Licata (Sicily) from the 30th of September to the 4th of October 2019.


Accommodation and meals will be covered by the “Nnumari” event.

Financial support for transportation will be offered to selected participants.

Expected contributions

The participants will be requested to write a total of 5 articles, before, during and after the Summer School, that will be published in a blog dedicated to the event and that will perform in the coming years an online space of dialogue around the Mediterranean culture.

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