Ariane Deluz Prize

For the development of the ethnological works of future generations of Africanists


• The Ariane Deluz Prize is aimed at PhD students of any nationality who are writing a thesis on African ethnology supervised by a French higher education establishment (alone or as part of a joint PhD). Young Africanists just beginning their thesis are encouraged to apply.

• The prize is worth 5,000 euros and is intended as an extra resource for the recipient, to pay for travel and/or accommodation costs for their field work.

• The recipient must undertake to mention the financial support by FMSH in all written or verbal presentations (thesis, publications, presentations and symposia, etc.).

Ariane Deluz

Ariane Deluz (1931-2010), anthropologist of nationality French and Swiss, undertook the career of ethnologist under the successive directions of Georges Balandier and Claude Lévi-Strauss, within the framework of the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes VIe Section, which became EHESS (1955-1964) and the CNRS (between 1964 and 1997).






Les lauréats du prix Ariane Deluz

Appel 2018 | Prix Ariane Deluz