Maison Suger

An international centre for hosting and cooperation

We are pleased to inform you that Maison Suger will reopen its doors on September 1, 2020, after a long period of confinement that began on March 25.
During this period, the team has made it its duty, as much as possible, to coordinate with its residents, as well as to carry out improvements to the building by taking advantage of this closure that was imposed on us.
As of now, we will be able to process applications that were submitted before our closure for the month of September and the following months.
We recommend that our colleagues send us their applications as soon as possible so that we can process them as soon as possible.

We look forward to welcoming you very soon,
Sincerely yours,

Jean-Luc Lory
Director of Maison Suger

The Maison Suger is a residence and workplace for scholars. Since 1990, it has facilitated the shared lives of researchers of all fields and nationalities, invited by the FMSH or by other research institutions. Located in the Latin Quarter, the historical centre of Paris, it offers foreign researchers in the social sciences and humanities facing an extended stay in Paris a working and living environment that matches their needs.

A centre for research, hosting and cooperation

Maison Suger was created to foster initiatives conducive to the emergence and incubation of projects, irrespective of whether they are included in an academic programme. Each year, this space hosts from 200 to 250 foreign researchers whose work spans the entire range of the humanities and social sciences.

As a working and meeting space for researchers of all fields and nationalities, the Maison Suger offers a special opportunity to evoke and discuss pluri- and interdisciplinary issues and thus acts as an incubator for international research projects.


Maison Suger hosts about 60 scholarly meetings a year. Some of these are regular meetings and seminars organized by the FMSH or by its partner institutions. Others are held at the initiative of resident scholars, as part of their activities in Paris, or at the request of research groups that prefer to hold their meetings in the building.

These meetings help to create a rich social and academic life within the centre and facilitate contacts between the residents and members of the French academic community who participate in or are invited to these activities.


Applications can be presented by individual researchers or their home institutions, or indeed by the research institutions that invite them to Paris. The selection process gives priority to extended stays as part of a research programme that is closely tied to the French academic system.

Living accommodations

This historic building in the Latin Quarter offers 33 flats (from studios to two-room flats) with both living and office space, designed to let scholars live and work in pleasant, functional surroundings (Wifi, telephone, satellite television, etc.). Some of the flats can accommodate a spouse or partner, and exceptionally a child over 12 years of age.

The flats are fully furnished, with a bathroom or shower and fitted kitchen. Daily cleaning service is provided, and washing machines are freely accessible in the laundry room.

The Maison Suger offers resident scholars a Wifi network that provides Internet access throughout the building, a videoconferencing room, a 35-person seminar room, small workrooms and an IT lab with a full range of office equipment (computers, high-speed Internet, scanners, laser printer,  fax, photocopier, etc.).

Residents also enjoy access to a gym and a sauna.

Practical information

Maison Suger, 16 rue Suger, 75006 Paris

Public transport
RER B : station Saint-Michel / Notre-Dame
Métro : station Saint-Michel (sortie place Saint-André-des-Arts), Odéon and Cluny-Sorbonne
Bus : lignes 21, 24, 27, 38, 47, 84, 88, 96

Jean-Luc Lory, CNRS, conseiller de l'administrateur de la FMSH
tel : + 33 1 44 41 32 06

Secretariat and management
Nadia Cheniour
email :
tél :  + 33 1 44 41 32 00
fax : + 33 1 44 41 32 02



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