16 October 2009
Gunvor Hofmo, une poétesse moderne du Nord

Le Centre franco-norvégien / FMSH coorganise ce colloque franco-norvégien sur Gunvor Hofmo

En collaboration avec Ellen Mortensen (Center for woman’s and gender research / université de Bergen) et Per Buvik (université de Bergen).

The seminar will be held in conjunction with the publication of a translation of the poems of Gunvor Hofmo into French by Grete Kleppen and Pierre Grouix, with a foreword by Régis Boyer.

We will organize a meeting between Norwegian and French scholars on poetry in general and on Hofmo in particular. The seminar is also aimed at the public at large in Paris, with an interest in poetry and in Scandinavian literature.
There will be presentations and papers on the Norwegian poetess both in English and in French.


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