from 31 January to 01 February 2013
From Fragmentation to Convergence

What are the consequences for the principles of treaty interpretation and the formation of customary international law? Seminaire, Centre franco-norvégien en SHS. 

After two decades of fragmentation discourse, international courts and other bodies cross reference each other, and emphasise international law as a single, unified system of law one cannot break up into separate specialist fields. This applies to treaty interpretation, as the ICJ underlined recently in Diallo (Compensation). The same basic approach to the formation and identification of customary international law applies regardless of the field of law under consideration.

This seminar asks, What are the consequences for the principles of treaty interpretation and the formation of customary international law?


31 January 2013 10.00–19.00

Opening session
10.00–10.30 Opening Statements: Bjarne Rogan, University of Oslo and CFN
10.30–12.00. Jus cogens and erga omnes norms in the international law of the twenty-first century
Mads Andenas in the chair.
Alexander Orakhelashvili (University of Birmingham), ‘State practice, treaty Practice and State Immunity’
Robert Kolb, ‘Jus cogens in Jurisdictional Immunities of the State’
11.45–12.00 Coffee
12.00–13.00. Third session: Christian Tomuschat in the chair.
Panel discussion: Robert Kolb, Alexander Orakhelashvili, Hélène Ruiz Fabri. 
13.00–15.00 Lunch
15.00–17.00. Fourth session: 
Martin Dawidowicz: ‘The Effect of the Passage of Time on the Interpretation of Treaties’
Alexander Orakhelashvili in the chair. Discussion.
Summing up by Ronny Abraham

1 February 2013 10.00–19.00

Opening session
10.00–12.00. Moving across the Boundaries Dividing the Law
Robert Kolb in the chair.
Veronika Fikfak: ‘Domestic courts’ role and international law: Judicial oscillation between constitutionalism and fragmentation’ Christian Tomuschat, ‘The European Court of Human Rights and the United Nations’
12.00–12.15 Coffee
12.15–13.00. Third session: Hélène Ruiz Fabri in the chair.
Paul Tavernier, ‘L’utilisation par la Cour de Strasbourg des sources externes à la Convention’ Eirik Bjorge, ‘The Unity of the Methods of Treaty Interpretation’ 1300–1500 Lunch
15.00–17.00. Fourth session: Paul Tavernier in the chair. 
Mads Andenas, ‘Form (and substance) of judgments in international law’
Concluding discussion.


Venue : Building Le France
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