Steering comity

The operating body of the Fondation

The steering comity is comprised of the head of each service and is in charge of the operational declination of the institution's strategy.

The comity meets every month to examin past, ongoing and future projects. It ensures the good execution of operations, perticularly on the matters of raised ressources, scheduling compliance and implementation of the action plan.

It is a crucial interface in terms of internal communication. The steering comity ensures the circulation of information horizontally for a transverse work environment as well as vertically to guarantee a good circulation of information and understanding.


Mrs. Hélène VELASCO-GRACIET, president of the FMSH

M. Pascal BULÉON, vice-president de la FMSH

Mrs. Flore GUBERT, vice-president de la FMSH

Mrs Sandrine CAMINADE, Director of logistics department   

M. Nicolas CATZARAS, Executive director, Director of development and communication  

Mrs Marta CRAVERI, Director of International Department    

Mrs Anne-Claire DELAUNAY, Head of Audiovisual Service 

M. Didier GERARD, Director of Digital department    

Mrs Valerie GIMENEZ, Human Ressources director   

Mrs Valérie KINGUÉ, Finance director    

Mrs Chloe LEPART, Head of Communications   

M. Jean-Luc LORY, Director of the Maison Suger

Mrs Martine OLLION, Director of the Library    

Mrs Angela PROCOLI, Senior advisor international partnership   

M. Pascal ROULEAU, Director of the Editions Maison des sciences de l'homme




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