International actions

Developing the inward and outward mobility of researchers and supporting the set-up of international projects

Working for the internationalization of research is more than ever a leading priority of the FMSH, in view of the acceleration of globalization and the changing global geopolitical scene.

The Foundation works towards this end, first, by launching scientific cooperation programmes and supporting the creation of international research teams, and second, by pursuing a vigorous policy of incoming and outgoing mobility.

Mobility programmes

Mobility for researchers is the FMSH’s main policy instrument for promoting the internationalization of research. The programmes are open to post-docs and senior researchers of all nationalities. The FMSH issues a great many calls for applications for inward and outward mobility.

Maison Suger

The FMSH administers an international centre for hosting of and cooperation with prominent foreign researchers. The Maison Suger was designed to serve as both a residence and a workplace for scholars, and it encourages interdisciplinarity and cooperative projects.

Cooperation programmes

The FMSH has bilateral and multilateral programmes for scientific cooperation with a variety of partners – foundations, universities, foreign academies – to support the creation of international research teams working on joint projects.

Project set-up

Since 2010, the FMSH has offered a system to help researchers with the procedures for obtaining funding for research in France and Europe. It coordinates or partners many European and French National Research Agency projects: international mobility programmes, finding applications for research, strategic partnerships and research projects.

Support for institutions and projects dedicated to internationalization

The FMSH supports many projects and institutions that facilitate the circulation of ideas and scholars, including Fund┋It, the funding platform for research fellowships in SSH; the Network of French Institutes for Advanced Study; and the European Alliance for Social Sciences and Humanities.