The Development and Communication Department

For an FMSH brand, a vector of quality, openness and innovation

In 2015, the Foundation revised its constitution with a view to reasserting its identity as a foundation; in other words to reconnect with its goals as a private, not-for-profit organisation pursuing objectives that are in the common interest, funded by both private and public funds from national and international sources. With this aim in mind, a Development and Communication department was created which would establish a strategy for getting external partners involved, based on the FMSH brand as a symbol of quality, openness and innovation in the social science and humanities field.

Development of resources

The Development and Communication department’s primary objective is to boost the Foundation’s own funds, by approaching different types of funders and using to its advantage the special characteristics it has as a ‘foundation of recognised public interest’. Under the Board’s oversight, the department proposes and organises an annual strategy, as part of a five-year development plan, establishes priority research areas and projects that might be able to receive outside funding and then canvasses and makes contact with potential funders. It ensures that information about the fundraising activities carried out by the Foundation’s various sections is circulated effectively. The department aims to participate in networks, or organise them itself (French and foreign foundation networks, business networks, company executive networks, etc.). With help from the support services, it contributes to disseminating good practice on applications for funding partnerships around scientific projects and assists with putting these practices into action, in close liaison with the funders themselves.

A national and international visibility

If these objectives are to be achieved, it is important for the Foundation to have a clear stance as an organisation, which must tie in with the brand image it conveys. Within the Development & Communication department, the Communication section’s aim is to improve the Foundation’s visibility, both nationally and internationally, by suggesting a series of activities and tools to the Board, aimed at highlighting the Foundation’s strategic plans and brand. The department ensures consistency between all communication materials (brand identity on all paper and digital materials, standardising press relations and a standard approach to public events and occasions).



Nicolas Catzaras, Development and communication director
Secretariat  | +33 (0)1 40 48 64 22 | contact

Chloé Lepart, Head of communication
+33 (0)1 40 48 64 15 | contact

Angela Procoli, Senior Advisor, International Partnerships
+33 (0)1 40 48 64 09 | contact




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