Actions at national level

The FMSH serves the entire academic community in the social sciences and humanities

At the national level, the Foundation has participated in three structural actions.

Campus Condorcet

Participation in the Campus Condorcet is the first notable result of the new policy adopted by the FMSH. Its involvement takes several forms, all of which are connected to the research infrastructure that the FMSH has deployed or hosted in recent years: substantial human and financial support for the major documentation facility (Grand équipement documentaire – GED); expertise with digital scientific documents through the experimental room; support for the transfer of infrastructure hosted by the FMSH to strengthen the national dimension of the Campus Condorcet: RnMSH, PROGEDO and Huma-Num.

Support to the university system

Alliance Athéna

Since 2013, the FMSH has been the leading contributor to the Alliance Athéna and ensures that the balance between research institutions and universities or major university sites is respected. On the strength of its participation in Athéna, the FMSH has been selected as project leader for a major tool for the social sciences and humanities: the SSH Observatory. The Observatory project aims to establish a platform of information, thinking and discussion, in order to give greater visibility to research in SSH.


NUMEDIF supports the editorial activity of all public institutions of higher education and research. It is developing and rolling out a standardized ecosystem for digital production of interoperable structured scientific content, as well as building a specific tool for dissemination and distribution. The goal is to enhance the visibility of French academic publishing at the international level. This infrastructure facility should give the French research system better operational capacity and put it in the driver’s seat at the European level in this field of expertise (norms, edited digital documents).


The arrival of Canal-U in January 2015 boosted the expertise of the FMSH and its investments in the audiovisual sector with the “ASA” platform for audiovisual publication. The FMSH had already been involved for many years in building a scientific audiovisual stock (6,000 hours of video produced for the Audiovisual Archives of Research) when it proposed in late 2014 to host the Canal-U platform.


The FMSH is a member and the administrator of the Scientific Interest Group RnMSH, which unites the 22 Maisons des sciences de l’somme (MSH) spread all over France. It also co-manages one of the network’s platforms, Audio-Visio, which collects, studies and makes use of scientific audiovisual documents, including sound recordings, still images and animation.


The FMSH also supports the Network of French Institutes for Advanced Study (RFIEA), notably in the construction of the Fund┋It portal, which offers a single window for all funding and research fellowships available to researchers in the social sciences and humanities.