EU projects


PAVE - Preventing and Addressing Violent Extremism through Community Resilience in the Balkans and MENA 
2020-2023 | FMSH Team coordinated by Marie Kortam
This EU research project aims to tackle the global issue of radicalisation by examining its root causes and driving factors.


2016-2019 | FMSH Team coordinated by Laure Delcour
This program is an international research project that studies the relationship between the European Union and the countries of Eastern Europe.


2014-2017 | Project coordinated by the FMSH - Laure Delcour
This program aims at de-compartmentalising research on the Caucasus by exploring linkages between societal challenges, political developments and conflicts and investigating the interactions between the North and South Caucasus, as well as between the Caucasus and its wider neighbourhood.

2014-2017 | Coordinated by the FMSH
The goal of D-TRANSFORM is to implement a training program for leaders of European universities (presidents, vice-presidents) focusing on the major role played by digital technologies and Open Educational Resources (OER) in the necessary transformation of their institutions.


2013-2017 | FMSH Team coordinated by Henriette Asséo
This program explores and analyses experiences, motivations and ambitions of Romanian Roma immigrating to Western Europe