Thematic programmes

FMSH supports and hosts programmes and seminars on specific topics under the framework of the Research & Strategy section. These programmes and seminars bring together teams and activities of varying sizes and are often aimed at forming research networks on an umbrella topic with a strong international dimension.

Some of these programmes study major world regions in the light of specific present-day issues, while others approach social science & humanities research in terms of introducing new objectives and methods.

Art & SHS

The relationship between the arts, on one hand, and the humanities and social sciences, on the other, are clearly changing. Formerly distant or even antagonistic, this relationship now displays linkages and connexions that are far more extensive than the sociological or historiographical interest that SSH had previously shown for the arts.

Iconographic, musical and literary works constitute modes of access to the world, to knowledge of its forms of life and to its ethical and political concerns. Such works are thus particularly in line with the objects of the social sciences and humanities.
Bringing the arts and SSH together in research projects is thus an innovative step, but it is perfectly in keeping with trends in these two realms, which had been strictly separated.

Digital humanities

Digital humanities is a field of research, teaching and engineering where information technology intersects with the arts, humanities and social sciences.

Its methods and practice relate to the use and development of online and offline digital tools for the humanities and social sciences. It is also characterized by a desire to consider new digital content and media as seriously as more traditional subjects of study.

Changing World(s)

All nations throughout the world are facing far-reaching changes in their models, as a result of political, economic, social and environmental contexts that, while specific to each country, are also linked across the major regions of the world.

As an international hub for the humanities and social sciences, the Fondation Maison des sciences de l’homme seeks to bring international scientific communities and networks into synergy and to promote interdisciplinary dialogue.
The research programmes grouped under this heading explore the transnational issues that impact the international scene and provide answers to the challenges of the future.

New forms of conflictuality

Although the possibility of conventional war or nuclear challenges between states cannot be excluded, conflict in the world today is increasingly caused by deadly enterprises or situations of insecurity, which blur the boundaries between war and peace, exterior and interior, civil and military, even real and virtual – to the point, at times, that the face of the enemy cannot be made out.

This landscape of conflict needs to be inventoried and put into perspective by the social sciences. Some needed conceptual clarification could be obtained through targeted research projects.



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