Working paper

Disseminating the results of research in progress and opening up avenues for dialogue

In March 2012, the Fondation Maison des sciences de l’homme launched a new series of scientific papers, authored by its visiting fellows and by the participants in its thematic or international cooperation programmes or in its networks.

Working papers (documents de travail) report on research in progress. They are intended to facilitate the dissemination of results and to explore avenues for dialogue between scientific communities and civil society.


The latest working papers


Worship religion and commodity fetishism. Actuality of Walter Benjamin's thought


The social health of the new French regions and its evolution 2008-2016

The City and the Sex Worker: Reading Caste and Gender in Life Writings

Promoting new indicators of wealth: an unsuccessful cause

French posthumanist fiction – Michel Houellebecq

Women, violence and exiting from violence with a gendered approach

Aid discourse and challenges of the “Humanitarian

The weaving of a textile anthropology

The rite of passage for 36 and 49 years-old Naxi men

The cultural logics in the field of scientific policy advice in France

Social Figures-Between societal experience and sociological diagnosis

China's digital transformation

Contemporary relational sociologies

Towns under control. French Parliaments, Spanish Chanceries and public order in the Early Modern Age: A comparative study

How to Study the Pauline Commentaires of Stephen Langton?

Assessing Legal and Political Compatibility between the European Union Engagement Strategies and Membership of the Eurasian Economic Union

Factors influencing the implementation of International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

Egypt between National Constraints and Regional Tensions

Cicero, art collecting and knowledge of Greek art

Pagan Estrangements and Christian Nostalgias

Economy as Matching

The multiple traditions of social movement research

Between crises of capitalism and productivism

Human Rights and Secularisation in Religions-States relations

From Baal Hammon to Saturn

Contrasting languages and cultures

Beyond Transboundary Water Cooperation

Addressing Financial Exclusion in France and India

The age of polemics


Newton’s General Scholium and the Mechanical Philosophy

Argentina marginalized


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