A pluridisciplinary catalogue in the social sciences and humanities

The journals of the FMSH follow an innovative editorial policy, being available in both paper and digital versions. They disseminate results from many researchers to the greatest possible number of readers.


Socio is a journal of sociology that is open to pluridisciplinarity, which encourages intellectual debate and discussion. Founded in 2013 by Michel Wieviorka, Socio takes a stance in favour of internationalization in the social sciences and humanities and argues that the various levels of analysis – global, national, regional, local – should be connected.

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The e-journal Trivium was founded in 2007 by Hinnerk Bruhns as an instrument for discussion and cooperation between the French-speaking and German-speaking scientific cultures. Based on the concept of considering issues from several perspectives, it provides translations of seminal papers published in German and French journals.

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Quaderni. Communication, technologies, pouvoir

Quaderni, founded in 1987 by Lucien Sfez, explores communication and its key relationships with technology and power. The journal seeks to capture and identify communication, which is omnipresent in society and has become a social value in response to a fragmented political system, scientific community and society. It analyzes communication in its various aspects and in its many uses.

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Les Nouvelles de l'archéologie

Les Nouvelles de l'archéologie, founded in 1979, presents main trends and issues in archaeology in France and abroad. The journal is intended to serve as a forum for debate, and as such it is open to professional and amateur scholars, to students and to any other person or institution concerned by the archaeological record.

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Langage & Société

Langage & société is devoted to the study of languages and discourse as social phenomena in a historical or social context. Founded in 1977 by Pierre Achard, the journal disseminates major research on discourse analysis, sociolinguistics, sociology of language and the study of verbal interaction.

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Social Science Information sur les sciences sociales

Social Science Information is a nonspecialized international, interdisciplinary journal in English, established in 1961 by Clemens Heller. It publishes innovative research work and encourages theoretical and methodological debate as well as intercultural comparative research. It is co-published with SAGE Publications.

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Brésil(s) was created in 2011 to succeed to the Cahiers du Brésil Contemporain journal. The Research Center on contemporary Brazil (CRBC-Mondes américains-EHESS) issues it and the FMSH Editions published it. This journal’ goal is to make known several themes and approach in every field of study.

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