The digital revolution has profoundly changed the way scientific knowledge circulates. FMSH Éditions, the Foundation’s publishing arm, has therefore adopted an ambitious policy that seeks to maintain the quality of scientific publishing while searching for new dissemination models.

This requirement involves taking novel and complementary paths by launching prominent book series, maintaining them over the longer term, exploring rich scientific terrain and opting for open access.



The “54” series publishes monographs in the various disciplines of the social sciences and humanities. It offers a place to works that stand out for their treatment of the subject, their originality or their perspective.

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Let the debate begin
The “Interventions” series consists of rigorous, demanding works written in accessible language and apt to contribute to the debate over public affairs. 

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Le (bien) commun

This series brings together studies and essays in the social sciences that decrypt the tension that exists today between the production of supposedly universal norms and the fragmentation of societies, as social groups affirm their unique nature and redraw the faces of otherness. 

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Ethnologie de la France

This series publishes works that study a given location or topic in minute detail and, in so doing, prove to be of broader theoretical interest. It has been published in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture since 1983, accumulating a catalogue of more than 60 books. 

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Documents d'archéologie française

The series “Documents d'archéologie française” publishes the results of archaeological digs conducted on French territory. It is co-edited with the Ministry of Culture and Communication, the Delegate Ministry for Research, the National Scientific Research Centre (CNRS) and the National Institute for Preventive Archaeological Research (Inrap). 

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Bibliothèque allemande

The “Bibliothèque allemande” consists in fact of three series – “Bibliothèque allemande”, “Dialogiques” and “Philia” – all of which are devoted to Germany and to German social sciences and humanities. The catalogues contain translations, original publications, groundbreaking books or classics, etc. – all of which can facilitate scientific communication.

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Open to unpublished monographic and collectives, the "Faber" collection, only digital, wants to encourage interdisciplinary dialogue and the circulation of approaches and methods in the international scientific community in order to understand the past and future shifts in a world where technic and society are inseparable.

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