The online audiovisual platform of dissemination for higher education and research

The platform Canal-U (Channel U) offers teaching and scientific resources aimed at lecturers, researchers and students, to complement their courses, as well as being aimed at the wider public as a lifelong learning resource.

The audiovisual fund

With over 25,000 videos and more than 4,5 ,000,000 visits per year, Canal-U is the most-visited French scientific audiovisual platform. It offers a wide range of opportunities to publicise, share, disseminate and link up audiovisual productions.  It has 15,000 lectures, 4,000 documentaries and reports, 4,000 courses and educational clips by over 150 contributors (universities, research bodies, museums, etc.).

The Canal-U project was launched in 2001 by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, with support from the academic and scientific communities, and is being developed by FMSH in conjunction with the ministry.

A dissemination platform open to all institutions

Canal-U offers multiple possibilities for enhancing, sharing, disseminating and linking audiovisual productions.

The platform is aimed at students, teachers and researchers on two axes:

  • Provide teaching skills resources in addition to teaching courses;
  • Accompany the evolution of the French university by developing the use of the information and communication technologies in higher education.

Do you have videos you want to disseminate?

If you are a higher education establishment, research centre or voluntary organisation, you can put your videos online through



Publication director, Michel Wieviorka, Managing director of the Fondation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme
Project Manager: Damien Poïvet
Responsible for the management of audiovisual resources: Anne-Claire Delaunay
IT infrastructure manager: Hoby Ratsihoarana