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New Uses of Digital and Continuity!

The situation created by Covid-19 has underlined the need to design and deploy better solutions for distance education and a better appropriation of digital technologies. These challenges gave birth to the project “New Uses of Digital and Continuity (NUNC)! Automated Alert Analysis" from the Techné laboratory, which aims to assess the realities of the appropriation of digital techniques for distance education. The project uses methods of identifying emerging topics and issues based on conversations on social media.

For a digital and qualitative mediation platform for Open and Massive Data corpus in SHS

In the digital age, the quality of research results in Human and Social Sciences increasingly depends on the completeness and relevance of the data processed. The digital divide (also the digital deficiency) greatly influences the question of completeness, which can amplify the phenomenon of relevance. This project proposal is based on the creation of an Open Data platform, intelligent, interactive of digital data corpus for users and research uses in Human and Social Sciences.

The Research and Prospective Pole of the Fondation Maison des sciences de l’homme (FMSH), supports the creation of projects dedicated to innovative themes in the humanities and social sciences (SHS). This year, the 4 award-winning projects fall within the themes of Ecological Transition and Social Justice and Digital Humanities:

DATE DE MISE A JOUR : 30/10/2020

During the #ErasmusDays 2020, the projects leaders of D-TRANSFORM, an Erasmus+ Project coordinated by FMSH, have been awarded a "good practice" plaque.

This label is awarded by the Erasmus+ agency to highlight the quality of a project after a qualitative evaluation and a review of its finances. Following the European Union's criteria, this evaluation is based on relevancy, quality and impact of the project as well as the dissemination of its results.

DATE DE MISE A JOUR : 15/10/2020
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Project summary

The Tunisian political and social setting after the 2011 revolution and the democratic transition highlights the necessary promotion of humanities and social sciences studies (HSS) to think the ongoing transformations and therefore to advance debates in the Tunisian society. In this context, the enhancement of the curricula implemented by doctoral schools in HSS tend to become an important issue.