From the concept of ‘subject’ to the concepts of subjectivization and de-subjectivization

Working paper in french.

Sociology has recently opened up to the concept of ‘subject’ and, even more recently, to the project of envisaging the subject’s dark‚, destructive and self-destructive aspects. €We now have to tak‚e a further step and give some consideration to the processes of subjectivization and de-subjectivization by means of which the subject, and its dar‚k counterpart, the anti-subject, are shaped and ceaselessly transformed. Once we have done this, it will be possible to analse the phenomena of the projection of memories into public space from a new angle, namely, precisely, the processes of subjectivization and de-subjectivization in te course of which memories are projected into the public sphere or remain buried in te silence of consciences.

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13 July 2012