Exiliance : Condition and Consciousness

Working paper d'Alexis Nuselovici

As an existential core in the experience lived by all migrants, whatever the historical and cultural circumstances are, exiliance is both a condition and a consciousness. However, they may not be in sync: one could feel in exile without really be exiled or one could be exiled without feeling it. Among other sources, Kafla's America provides the material to study this phenomenon in its ethical dimension. Other issues to be addressed are the representation of exilic experience and the link between death and exile.

The author

Professor in litterature in the University of Aix-Marseille. He occupied the post of Chair of Modern Cultural Studies at the University of Cardiff (United Kingdom) and has taught before at the University of Montréal. He was a guest professor in Brasil, in Turkey, in Spain and in France. He is a member of many teams of international researches and is responsible for the seminar "Exile as Experience" at the Collège d'études mondiales. He published many books like "Plaidoyer pour un monde métis" (2005) and Paul Celan. "Les lieux d'un déplacement" (2010)


Alexis Nuselovici (nouss). Exiliance : condition et conscience. FMSH-WP-2013-44. 2013.<halshs-00861246>

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16 September 2013

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