Alexander Stingl

Alexander I. Stingl is an empirical philosopher and sociologist of cognitive cultures and organizations.

Research project

His current research interests are biodigitality and bioeconomies as extended, embodied, and enacted cognitive cultures; he inquires after the human and extra-human modes of belonging, opportunities for participation, and genres of provisioning that cognitive cultures produce and/or transform. He has been an associate lecturer with Leuphana University Lueneburg (Germany) from 2011 to 2017 and a research consultant for the Institute for General and Family Medicine (IAM) of the University Clinic Erlangen (Germany) from 2014 to 2017. Among others, he was formerly affiliated with the STS Center at Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA (US). He is the managing editor of the book series Decolonial Options for the Social Sciences (Lexington Books/Rowman). He was awarded a Dr.phil. in sociology in 2008, after studying social sciences, Cultural /American Literature Studies, Philosophy, and economics.
While he was at the Collège, he worked about objects at rest. The research was published on line : “For All the (Com)Motion, Do We Still Care About the Objects at Rest?” And Other Important Questions the Speedsters Had No Time For.


He is sole author of three published books – Digital Coloniality of Power (Lexington, 2016), Between Discursivity and Sensus Communis (OPUS, 2010), Aufklärung als Flaschenpost oder Anthropologie der Gegenwart (VDM, 2009) – and three upcoming books (Care, Power, Information. Routledge; Wild Doings, under negotiation, Anthropos’s Scaffoldings, Lexington), He is the co-author with Sabrina M. Weiss and Sal Restivo of the book Worlds of ScienceCraft (HC with Ashgate 2014, Pbk. with Routledge 2016). He has published numerous chapters and articles, including most recently 'The Deployment of Medical Images as Propaganda?' (in: Vollmann/Nossek/Gather/Henking, eds.. Beneficial coercion in medicine?, Mentis), ‘Sight beyond Sight: SciFi as Thinking together with Others’, (Bulletin for Science, Technology, & Society, vol. 36), ‘Digital FairGround’ (Current Perspectives in Social Theory Vol. 32), ‘Braining your life/Living your Brain: Cyborg Gaze and medical images’ (Grabowski, ed. Neuroscience and Media, Routledge), ‘The Rural Imaginary’ (Bakker, ed. The Methodology of Political Economy. Lexington), ‘Digital Divide’ (ten Have, H., ed., Encyclopedia for Global Bioethics. Springer), and with Sabrina M. Weiss ‘Making Trouble.’ (Brand, ed. Dual - process theories in moral psychology. SpringerVS). He recently edited two special issues of the Bulletin of Science, Technology, and Society in ‘Science and Science Fiction’. He is currently planning on two future book/research projects on bioeconomy, technoscience, and generative justice.

You can find Alex on the web: His website is and his blog is 

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